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Barium Sulphate

Barium Sulphate

Barium sulphate  (or Sulphate) is an inorganic chemical with a translucent white crystalline appearance. With interesting optical characteristics and chemical stability, barium sulphate is suitable to be used in industry to enhance the brightness or be used as a filler. Its role as the coating agent, either single-layer or multi-layer coating, also provides excellent protection from mechanic or chemical disturbance. Barium sulphate can be obtained through the continuous reaction of barium salt and sulphate salt in equimolar quantities at ambient temperatures. We provide barium sulphate with various quantities, grades, and packaging for your market and industry solution.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Barium sulphate is manufactured through the treatment of raw materials such as barium chloride or barium sulphide. Both chloride or sulphide forms of barium may be treated with sulfuric acid or sulfate salts to obtain high purity barium sulphate. In fact, barium sulphide is more common to be used as a raw material for barium sulphate manufacturing than barium chloride since barium sulphide occurs on several barium-containing ores.

Applications Barium Sulfate

Plastic and Polymer

Barium sulphate can be used as a filler in plastics due to its high specific gravity and reduced noise level of acoustic pipes which results in great sound dampening.


NeuLumEX Liquid

NeuLumEX is a barium sulfate suspension 0.1% w/v, 0.1% w/w for oral administration. Each 100 mL contains 0.1 g barium sulfate. 

3d illustration. Yellow paint splashing out of can on yellow background.

Paint, Ink and Coating

Barium sulphate provides excellent coating ability which protects objects being coated by barium sulphate from the mechanics or chemicals disturbance.


Pulp and Paper

Barium sulphate enhances the brightness and whiteness of the paper; hence, being suitable for paper coating in paper manufacturing.


IUPAC Name : Barium Sulphate

Chemical Formula : BaSO4

Cas No. : 7727-43-7

HS Code : 2511.10.10

Appearance : White Crystalline Powder